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Antonia Lamont, Head of Public Relations for the Scarlets and RRW said: “Working alongside a documentary team for the best part of a year requires a high degree of trust and honesty with the programme-makers if you’re going to make a documentary series that is meaningful, insightful and has a real edge to it.

“For us, the decision to go take part was based on showing a fresh side to regional rugby that people rarely get a chance to see; to go behind the scenes with players and coaches, as well as showing the personality and human side to our work off the field within a strong and passionate rugby community. It’s a chance for people to truly witness the hard work, passion and determination that goes into the business from boardroom to the team running out on the field on match day.

“With the increased pressures and competition that Welsh rugby faces in the modern era of professional sport, this was a key time to openly document the challenges we face as Welsh regions. In many ways, the storylines covered over the past year at the Scarlets exemplify the real challenges that Welsh rugby faces and that we’re striving to find solutions for.”

“It’s been a great project to be a part of including working with the team at Green Bay Media – there’s been plenty of good humour as well as some healthy debate along the way!”

Wynford Jones of Green Bay Media, who filmed and produced the series for BBC Cymru Wales, said: “Seeing the passion from up close has been the highlight of the project for me.

“Whether it’s filming on the training pitch and having to sidestep two giant packs when the scrum veers towards the camera, sensing the urgency in the board room when the club’s long-term survival is on the agenda, or joining the fans on the terrace who support through thick and thin. And it couldn’t have happened at a more interesting time.”

The series will continue weekly on Tuesdays with next week’s programme (Tuesday 21st January) focusing on heightened press speculation about key Scarlets players leaving the region.